With our tough schedules these days, who has the time to bring their vehicle to a mechanic or the dealer?

Usually it is only when it is too late and the repair costs are more than anticipated.

Great for elders, new drivers, busy drivers, stay-at-home spouses and even the everyday drivers, this is a one-of-a-kind program that keeps your vehicle on the road longer and more money staying in your pocket!


Well, we have created a solution for you and your beloved vehicle with this vehicle maintenance program. Lets face it, we need our vehicles to go to work, home, recreation, and most importantly, just to get around.

We have constructed a new way of keeping your car healthy and keeping your money in your pocket.

Most repairs performed on a vehicle could have been prevented, almost all the time, there is a sign or warning indicator whether while driving or sitting still.

Vehicle maintenance in New Jersey is one of the most overlooked services that that rarley gets performed.



Look below to see how many benefits AUTOREADY can offer you and your vehicle.

Starting as low as $19.95 a month, you can not go wrong with this program.




Introducing our NEVER BEFORE SEEN program, AUTOREADY !



From every day opening and closing of your doors, to the windows going up and down, no one realizes how many times they perform these acts. Before you know it, the doors are squeaking, the handles break off, or worse, the windows stop going up or down. With certain vehicles still being used today, the replacement parts are not even available to fix the problems. One of the most noticeable differences that AUTOREADY will offer is to lubricate all of the below components on every trip we make, keeping your vehicle quiet and working properly. 


  • Outside Door Handles

  • Inside Door Hinges

  • Hood Hinges

  • Trunk/Hatch Hinges

  • Window Tracks (helping preserve window motors/regulators)

  • Key Cylinders (if applicable)

  • Door Locking Mechanisms

  • Hood Locking Mechanism/Hood Cable



Tire Inflation is one of the most over looked, most common, forgotten about task that any driver/owner neglects to do. Keeping recommended air pressure in your tires helps save you from spending extra gas, which means wasted money. Even when some shops replace your tires, they do not double check recommended tire pressure. AUTOREADY will make sure that all your tires be at manufacturers specifications, every time we visit your vehicle. Driving on the wrong tire pressure can lead to...


  • Uneven Tread Wear

  • Burning Off Excess Fuel

  • Steering Wheel Pulling

  • Blow Outs

  • Uneven Brake Wear

  • Lower Than Normal Gas Mileage 



Not only do we want to breathe in fresh air, so do our vehicles. Not everyone knows that there is a filter for our engines AND our cabin in most vehicles on the road today. We live in an area where allergies run rampant during many parts of the year. Keeping a clean cabin filter can make a noticeable breathing experience inside your vehicle. While keeping a clean air filter for your engine can save you on expected problems and burning more gas, which means more money out of your pocket. AUTOREADY will make sure your filters are in the best shape before changing it out for free for most easy vehicles and a small fee for certain vehicles. (Filters sold seperately). See why you should change your filters...


  • Better Gas Mileage

  • Better Quality Cabin Air

  • Better Running Engine

  • Longer Lasting Blower Motor

  • Keep More Money In Your Pocket



All batteries have a common enemy called corrosion. Most drivers/owners never even open their hood to see what is under there. With our cold winters always coming around, a bad connection to a battery can and will prevent it from starting. When a battery has a bad connection, it also stresses out the charging system, during the rest of the year. With a good clean connection, you will get the most out of your battery/vehicle, while not having to worry about your vehicle not starting. Leading to unwanted scenarios, AUTOREADY will tend to your battery, making sure it is kept clean and ready to be used over and over again. See what a dying battery can lead to...


  • No Start/Crank

  • Strain On Your Charging System

  • Loss Of Power While Driving

  • Unwanted Break Downs

  • Unexpected Break Downs

  • Changing Of Battery Terminals/Extra Expenses



Most drivers/vehicle owners, do not realize how many light bulbs there are in their vehicles. The headlights and tail lights being the most noticeable, are also the ones that are the most used. With almost everyone that drives, we just hop in the seat and go, how do you know if your tail lights are out? What about the daytime running lights? Do you want to wait until you can not see at night to know that your headlights are out? Or at least one of them? Well with AUTOREADY, we make sure that that every time we visit your vehicle, we check that every bulb works, yes even the one in the glovebox, if you have one. Oh and if their out, we can replace them, free for the easy ones, and some are just tricky and difficult to get to, so we have to charge a small fee to replace them. (Bulbs sold seperately). See the difference...


  • Avoid A Ticket From Officials

  • Avoid A Potential Accident

  • Avoid A Trip To The Part Store/Dealer

  • We Even Sell/Install Brighter Lights 



While lighting is also a necessity, so is your windshield wipers. We check and replace most windshield wipers at no cost to you. While the windshield wipers are an extra charge, we can replace the more common ones. Do not wait until you can not see when you turn them on and see streaks or even the older ones, do not reach the parts of the windshield to clean it. AUTOREADY will visually inspect all wipers, SUV or wagon style included, every time we come and check your vehicle. We also have a seperate company that can replace your windshield or other auto glass for you, while in the comfort of your own home or office/work.

Pitted windshields can also damage or where out a windshield wiper faster than normal. See what good wipers can do for you...


  • Avoid An Unwanted Accident

  • Avoid Replacing Glass

  • Avoid  A Trip To The Parts Store

  • See Better In Rain and Snowy Weather




Last but not least, part of our AUTOREADY service, we take your vehicle out for a test drive. With the permission of the owner, we take your vehicle out to listen and "feel" for any unwanted noises, and or sounds. Most wear and tear has a sound or feel to them before it actually goes bad. Catching any issue or problem before it gets worse, saves you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Our checklist of the road test consists of...


  • Hearing And Feeling The Brakes

  • Seeing If The Vehicle "Pulls"

  • Hearing And Feeling The Linkage

  • Hearing And Feeling The Suspension

  • Seeing If The Vehicle Stays Straight

  • Feeling Any Play In The Steering

  • Feeling Transmission Shifting

  • Hearing Any Exhaust Issues