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About The Owner Of Auto Connections.

Helpful to everyone, people might say. Or maybe even generous or thoughtful. Some will not agree, and some see him as a foul mouthed houligan who had a rough upbringing. No matter what you see or how you see it, no one can deny that he does his best at whatever he does or sets to do. With cars and the love of anything with a motor, as his passion, it was almost destant for him to do what he does now. As he sees it, helping people and their cars.

The Beginning.

I have been wanting to get into a "clean" hands on job. I have done just about everything else, hvac, house wiring, auto body, auto mechanic, etc etc. I came across mobile electronics or aftermarket, if you will, by tinkering with everything I came across. From friends cars to my own, even family cars. It seemed clean, very broad, and a lot to keep my mind occupied, as well as my hands :). So I started to try to get into it, with the same old story like every other industry, no experience-no job. So I put it aside and did what came along for years. Then found a company willing to train and even quizzed me, well not to toot my own horn, I past the test and the instructor was shocked because of the lack of experience in the industry. But not lack of experience in similar industries. Anyway, so it began, we took our own vehicles and serviced just about every dealer in New Jersey and parts of New York. The cars were brand spankin new, so you knew when something went wrong, you were the only one to touch it. So me being the one always up for a good challenge, I did pretty well for someone starting out. Not to mention that I was the only one who lasted out of 17 guys < that was me patting myself on the back. :). Two and a half years that lasted for, and I myself was shocked, for someone who went from job to job, I felt like I found it, this is it, I LOVE IT.

The Reason.

Well it was simple, I love cars, I love to work with my hands. From being in the streets and having a rough childhood, I also have a mouth to go along with that, more like a competitive attitude. So I learned as much as I could and wandered at the same time. Like, hmm, I wonder what will happen if I do this, or I bet I can do that, a good installer, always has a game plan before he starts whatever it is that he or she is installing. Finally when I parted ways with the company ( for being treated unfairly), when I went to " retail " I saw that there was not a " mobile" installation like I was so used to. Well that sucks I thought, you mean to tell me, that everything else being installed was mobile and this is not? Never even occured to me while I was working wholesale. Mulled the idea of doing it myself with a friend, and he advised that audio is a HUGE part of the retail market. Well then, I need experience, went to work for an outfit, that lasted 3 months, again, unfair treatment. Believe me, I am NO angel, definitely a ball buster, but my work speaks for itself, anyway, not the point at hand. Went to a second place who wanted to dabble with the industry, so they chose me from a referrence and funny enough, another guy who I originally worked with at the wholesale place. HMM, go figure, small world and even smaller industry. That place was the most fun I ever had on the job, no lie, very rare to find that. Well just like all good things, it came to an ugly and AGAIN unfair firing. It was over the fact that I took 2 days off for the birth of my second son. They felt that 2 days off is an EXCESSIVE amount of off time for the birth of a child. Eh, it started getting sour over there and so the determination really set in. New baby, new car, no job and all these connections I made are just sitting around. UH OH, better get the hustle on. 

The Drive, No Pun Intended!

Part of the "vacation" period, I worked, and called, asked around, even went and spent almost a 1,000 bux for a navigation for the new vehicle I just purchased, knowing I was going to use it. Toward the end of my time at the last company, I came across a third party who would refer their customers to installers for just the installation part. PERFECT, I can use the mobile thing that I was so dying to get back to and not have to work for anyone? THATS AWESOME, I can be my own boss, you mean I can make my own schedule, go where I chose and pick the jobs that I do not want. DOUBLE AWESOME. So I set out to make a name for me and my company Auto Connections, yes that is how I see this. It is an Auto Industry, and I am a good connection to have. I know A LOT of people in this industry and spreading the word, almost every single day. So day by day, month by month, I put everything in place. Insurance for me and the company, advertising, I learned that corrupt curve, I even made up business cards. Every person I came across, here you go, we also do this. Tell a friend, we come to you, so on and so forth, it was like I was hanging out, every day AND getting paid for it. YESSSSS. But, like I tell my kids and again, we know the story, EVERYTHING comes to an end. So I started to put more things in place, the website, the correct advertising, more channeling. I can't just rely on them to give me work, I need to support myself and be independant, especially for my family. Nothing is free you know, what am I talking about? You already knew that. 

What Have I Started?

Yup, thats how it is now. As I am writing this, my son is turning 9 in three months. So if you do the math, I have been on my own and running a business for 9 years. Can you believe it? I sure as hell can't. If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be sitting here typing this up for people to read, I would've paused and gazed off for a minute and then said, really? Well, it does make sense, I came from nothing, why would anyone want to go back? Spoil the kids every once in a while, sure, are they well fed and have everything they need? YUP. They most certainly have a better childhood than I ever did. Don't get me wrong, we do not live outside of our means, we can't, the same car that started this, is the same one I still use. My girlfriend has a 20 year old car as well. But again, all good things come to an end, so I have been striving for the future and not sure what it might hold. Hell, if you tell me now, in 10 years I will have a food truck at the side of Times Square, I would do and say the same thing, REALLY? ( I love to cook ) That is my other passion, I really suggest it to anyone. You really DON'T KNOW what is in the food that is given to us these days. Off topic. So seeing how many people I have helped and worked with, worked for. It was all in good fun and a good cause. Why make things worse when you can make it better? So with so many people that have my number and have saved it, or to the ones who keep trusting me with their "babies", THANK YOU. To the ones that have not yet met me or dealt with me, you can make your own decision when you do.

How Will It End?

Just as it states, how will it end, is like knowing the future. I will tell you this, this industry is dying by the ones who created it. Let me explain, take any of the major manufacturers, Pioneer, Alpine, JBL just to name a few. They have paired up with the manufacturer and have made their units much smarter, faster, even updateable for an astronimical price at their respected dealer. Beside that, we can still remove the radio in SOME of these vehicles, even when we can. The kits are going as high as 300 to 350 dollar range. DAMN, if you ask me, just for a kit? That is no installation, radio, camera (which is also standard nowadays), NOTHING but the kit. So your typical 3-400 radio swap, turned into 1,000-1,500 dollar swap. Some vehicles, the aftermarket, better and faster radio, the screen is smaller than the one your taking out, so your telling me, that I'm going to pay more for smaller. HMM. No comment. What about the remote start feature, HUGE in the winter, coming BUILT IN on the factory remote, sure the range sucks, but wouldn't you want to walk a few feet, rather than spend $300 on up for a better one? Its a lease who cares, or, eh I'm getting rid of it in a few months. Believe me, this isn't across the board, but until the mentality and capability change together. There might not be another 9 years for this industry. If there is, it will be far and few in between. Meaning you will have to travel MILES to get to the closest place that does it and then they will say, they have to order it because it is too expensive to keep in stock. There can be hundreds of excuses or even bad attitudes, because there is either too much work or not enough of it. Which by the way, all this has already started. So the mobile thing is convenient for everyone who uses it the right way. One can only spread the word and hope for a better future than what it looks like now..

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